January 29, 2010
Issue #34


SRI Experiment M4—July 25, 1994 to October 4, 1994

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“In my opinion [LENR] has been crippled by wide acceptance of the belief that deuterium fusion of some sort is responsible for energy generation, and also by rejection of alternative [proposed] mechanisms. Progress is stunted when we reject a mechanism, because we then fail to undertake the experiments it suggests.”

— John Fisher, LENR Theorist

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial: An Incoherent Explanation of LENR
  2. The Emergence of an Incoherent Explanation for D-D "Cold Fusion"
  3. Inexplicable D-D "Cold Fusion" Claims From Italy
  4. U.S. Department of Energy 2004 LENR Review—The Inside Story
  5. Revisions to Previously Reported MeV/4He Values
  6. A Tragic Event in LENR History




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