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Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) Scam

In June 2011, I went to Italy and interviewed Andrea Rossi and filmed a demonstration of his copper-pipe contraption. Twenty-four hours later, I reported serious concerns about how Rossi was measuring heat output.

Six days later, I posted my video on YouTube.

Experts from around the world sent me technical and engineering analyses and I published their reports in July. It was obvious then that this was a fraud.

Every LENR scientist who has promoted Rossi — including Michael Melich (b. 1940), Edmund Storms (b. 1931), Michael McKubre (b. 1948), David Nagel (b. 1938), and Mahadeva Srinivasan (b. 1937) — your behavior has been a disgrace to the field and to science.
You all know how to properly measure heat and analyze for valid scientific results.

For members of the public, the one-megawatt E-Cat fantasy is over. It's time to get back to real science, however boring it may seem. Demand real science.

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Steven B. Krivit
Publisher and Senior Editor, New Energy Times