January 31, 2011
Issue #36


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17. Status of ICCF-14 Country Histories

By Steven B. Krivit

The country-by-country histories of cold fusion research, a project conceived and directed by Michael Melich, a research professor with the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif., are in disarray.

Melich had announced his plans for this project in 2007, and it was supposed to be completed before ICCF-14.

"These histories will be in the language of each country and should be completed prior to ICCF-14," Melich wrote. "The sessions at ICCF-14 on the scientific work in the various countries, when added to the translated histories, will be edited into a series of books in English to be published in 2009. These books will provide the scientific community the organized material to let the field grow."

The only country history that appears complete and available to the public is Italy's, published electronically and on paper, by ENEA Frascati.

According to other authors, India's history was "never written up as a paper."

Same for France. That author said, "It's still in the limbo stage."

Asking scientists who are principals in the history, let alone competitors, to write the histories of the collection of research on behalf of their entire country is surprising.

Ivan Chernov, who wrote the commissioned Russian history with Andrei Lipson, (also a former collaborator of Melich's), sent his slides to New Energy Times in December 2010. Lipson died Nov. 1, 2009, at 52, of an apparent heart attack.

Russian Yuri Bazhutov called foul in 2008 and insisted that his version be included, as well. This video shows Melich presenting the Chernov-Lipson version at ICCF-14. Melich stared at the screen silently while advancing the slides one by one.

Bazhutov was unable to get a visa to come to ICCF-14 because he was given incorrect information by Melich about the time window in which to request an American visa.

Kasagi, the co-author of the Japanese history, sent his manuscript to New Energy Times a few days ago but has been in the dark about its dissemination.

"I submitted the manuscript to the proceedings of ICCF14 a long time ago," Kasagi wrote. "I don't know if it has been published or not."

Xing Zhong Li's history of cold fusion in China is in a similar situation.

"The proceedings of ICCF-14 has not been published yet," Li wrote. "Professor Nagel should have the full copy of the country history."

However, the proceedings have published electronically by Jed Rothwell at LENR-CANR.org, and the country histories that were submitted have been whittled down to a total of nine pages.

The only people who have full access to this international collection of information are Nagel and Melich.


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