January 31, 2011
Issue #36


Dr. Andrea Rossi of Leonardo Corporation (left) and David Bianchini, a nuclear physics researcher with the University of Bologna who specializes in radiation measurements (right), running LENR demonstration
on Jan. 14, 2011, at GM System in Bologna, Italy. (Photo Credit: Daniele Passerini)

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“It isn't quite cold, and it's probably not fusion, but something is going on.”

— Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Table of Contents


  1. From the Editor: Progress is This Way

  2. To the Editor


  1. Japan CF Society Meeting JCF11

  2. Wiley Encyclopedia of Nuclear Energy in Press

  3. 16th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

  4. Weak Interaction Theory Paper Published with Acknowledgement to Chidambaram

  5. ICCF-14 Proceedings Published Electronically

  6. American Physical Society March Meeting

  7. American Chemical Society Spring Meeting

  8. LENR Researcher Les Case Dies

  9. LENR Researcher Alf Thompson Dies

  10. Remembering John "Alf" Thompson

  11. 137 Films Completes Filming of "Cold Fusion" Documentary, Almost

  12. ACS LENR Sourcebook (Vol. 2) Publishes

  13. LENR - "A Magnitude 10 TechnoQuake"


  1. Cold Fusion Versus LENR: Competing Ideologies

  2. Status of ICCF-14 Country Histories

  3. Corrections to New Energy Times Special Report "Cold Fusion Is Neither"

  4. Update to Garwin, Lewis Report of SRI Excess Heat to Pentagon

  5. 1994 Review of Excess Heat in Ni-H2O Electrolytic Cells

  6. Showdown at the APS Physics Corral

  7. Rossi and Focardi LENR Device: Reality or Scam?

  8. Rossi and Focardi LENR Device: Celani Report

  9. Rossi and Focardi LENR Device: Probably Real, With Credit to Piantelli

  10. Rossi and Focardi LENR Device: The Melich and Macy Reports

  11. Rossi: "My Energy Catalyzer Works and It's Not Fusion"

  12. Nickel to Copper: One Possible Pathway





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