January 31, 2011
Issue #36


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19. Update to Garwin, Lewis Report of SRI Excess Heat to Pentagon

By Steven B. Krivit

In June 1998, the Electric Power Research Institute published Development of Energy Production Systems From Heat Produced in Deuterated Metals, Volume 1, TR-107843-V1, which provides a comprehensive overview of much, if not all, the SRI International LENR work. It includes detailed notes of the L-Series experiments, discussed in the 1993 Garwin-Lewis report to the Pentagon.

On the pdf page 188 (internally numbered 3-59), the authors explain a problem with cell L3 in detail and advise that, as a result, "the values of excess power displayed in figures [for L3] must be interpreted with caution."

For L4, the authors state, "The results, shown in figures [for L4], should be interpreted with the same caution as advised above for the results of experiment L3.”

Furthermore, according to this EPRI report, cells L1 and L2 did not show excess heat.

New Energy Times discovered these facts on Dec. 6, 2010. Until then, our interpretation had been that the SRI researchers had rigorously performed the L3 and L4 experiments and registered excess heat.

We based our interpretation on Garwin and Lewis' failure during their examination and review of the SRI lab and work to find any artifact responsible for the claim of excess heat, as well as their assessment of a small measurement uncertainty and of a strong signal.

Additionally, our view was but no longer is that Garwin and Lewis, to some degree, had witnessed or reviewed evidence for excess heat in those experiments.

Based on the newly uncovered information in the EPRI report, the results of cells L1-L4 no longer can be stated confidently as observations of excess heat. We believe that Garwin did not know the specific details of the artifacts for cells L3 and L4 until we found them in the report.

To our knowledge, this is the first public notice of the detailed artifacts with cells L3 and L4 as they apply to the Garwin/Lewis report below. New Energy Times thanks Garwin for information that led to the finding of these facts.


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